11 Best Pillow for Back Pain Relief [2023]

Are you in search of pillows that would help you relieve your back pain? Check out our recommendations on the best pillow for back pain relief.

Do you know one-half of all working Americans confess to having back pain each year?
Back pain is hampering the personal and professional lives of millions of people in the US.

Frequent back pain degrades the sleep quality besides leaving the person drained and exhausted for the whole day.

These ailment needs to be treated shortly before it becomes chronic or start repeating regularly. Choosing the right sleeping accessories like mattresses and pillows can help you to recover faster.

Here’s the list of our selected pillows that are uniquely designed to relieve back pain. This list contains special pillows for back pain relief; whether it’s lower or upper back pain. And, It promises to improve your level of comfort, sleep, and overall health rapidly.

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The Best Pillows for Back pain

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1. Layla kapok pillow [Best Overall]


The Layla kapok pillow is one of the best pillows for back pain relief that’s why it acquired the top spot on our list. There’s a lot to love about the Layla kapok pillow – mostly its soft, fluffy kapok fiber & shredded memory foam.

It’s made with a combination of shredded memory foam and kapok fiber (a soft and airy natural fiber obtained from the seed of the kapok tree).

The kapok fiber used in the Layla pillow is all-natural, allergy-friendly and the memory foam used in the pillow is certPUR-US certified. The cover of the Layla pillow is knitted with copper-infused stretch fabric which helps your body in balancing the temperature.

The antibacterial properties of copper make it odor-resistant. Besides the antibacterial property, the infused copper also helps to improve blood circulation.

The blend of kapok fiber & shredded foam works exceptionally great in relieving pressure and encouraging spinal alignment. It also alleviates the lower back pain if you put it under or between the legs & knees.

The pillow is lightweight, lofty & provides balanced support to its sleepers. Its adjustable fill makes it an even more viable option for all types of sleepers.

The pillow is very durable & can be molded into the sleeper’s desired shape. It can be considered something between a down & dense memory foam pillow.

The Layla pillow comes in both queen and king size, shoppers can choose as per their requirements, and the best thing about Layla is that; it also offers 5 yrs warranty with 120 nights of free sleep trials. Having all these advantages makes it the best pillow for back pain relief.

Pros of Layla Kapok Pillow

  • Adjustable loft for different sleepers
  • Temperature balance
  • Cooling comfort with copper fabrics
  • Allergy-friendly

Cons of Layla Kapok Pillow

  • It’s on the expensive side
  • The cover & core are not washable
  • Large for kids

2. Amerisleep Flex Pillow [Best pressure relief]


Moving forward in our list of best pillows for back pain relief, we have the constantly top-rated pillow Amerisleep flex pillow. The flex pillow offers high-tech Microflex cushions for outstanding pressure relief & breathability. As the name suggests? Amerisleep flex pillow is highly flexible thereby best for those who change sleep positions frequently or sleep on their back.

Its premium memory foam is especially helpful for those with distressed back & neck. It lessens the pressure on your head, neck & spine. Thanks to its adjustable loft, it can easily fit people with different builds. The pillow can be turned into the desired shape as per specific needs. Its breathable case draws out the hot air for better temperature control that keeps you cool.

The cover has a zipper for easy removal & cleaning. Materials used in flex pillows are eco-friendly & CertiPUR-US certified. Amerisleep also safeguards the pillow with a 10-year warranty policy for further protection.

Pros of Amerisleep Pillow

  • Highly moldable
  • Temperature regulation to keep you cool
  • Washable core & cover

Cons of Amerisleep Pillow

  • Bit pricey

3. Royal Therapy Queen Memory Foam Pillow [Best Neck Support]


For those who have discomfort in their heads & necks, a Royal therapy queen memory foam pillow would be the best option. This extra soft pillow is uniquely designed to support the head and neck by uniformly spreading the pressure on all areas of the cervical region.

The memory foam used in the pillow keeps your spine in the correct alignment. The foam is all-natural, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and free from chemicals & toxins. The pillow is covered with bamboo fiber that keeps you cool by letting air in.

And be assured this ergonomically designed pillow for back pain relief would never disappoint you. Besides all the top features, its cover can be easily removed for cleaning. Like most pillows on our list, it’s Certi-Pur-US certified.

Pros of Royal Therapy Pillow

  • Ergonomic design for better support to the neck
  • Breathable cover
  • Soft & washable
  • Certipur-US Certified

Cons of Royal Therapy Pillow

  • Isn’t comfortable as traditional pillows
  • Smells strong for few days

4. Dreamyblue Premium Pillow [Best for Back Sleepers]

“This one really! is the pillow of our dreams,” says one customer & hundreds more admitted that this orthopedic pillow has contributed a lot to alleviating their back pain. The Dream rite Shredded Hypoallergenic Memory Foam pillow is stuffed with hybrid-designed shredded memory foam to give you a balanced sense of softness and firmness.

The pillow holds your head at an ideal height & prevents your shoulders from taking extra pressure. The memory foam maintains the spinal curvature for providing extra comfort to back sleepers. With the freedom of changing the loft, back-sleepers can easily customize the pillow as per their personal preference. Its breathable cover is mite-resistant, allergy-friendly made with bamboo extract.

The pillow is one of the most popular options on Amazon at a favorable price. It’s not the most plushy pillow out there, but very effective for back sufferers. Furthermore, you would also get a 1 Year Standard Express Manufacturer Warranty by Wondersleep.

Pros of Dreamyblue Premium Pillow

  • Customizable to your liking
  • Allergy-friendly
  • Machine washable Cover

Cons of Dreamyblue Premium Pillow

  • Less firm

5. Honeydew Scrumptious Pillow [Best for Side Sleepers]

The Honeydew scrumptious pillow has everything a side sleeper could want. The specially designed shape of the pillow allows its sleepers to rest on either side. The pillow compresses to maintain the ideal height for the head & neck without putting pressure on the shoulders. It delivers the perfect spinal alignment to ease pain and pressure points in your back.

Similar to most other pillows its loft & density is adjustable. The shredded memory foam used in the pillow is specially developed for pillows and are CertiPUR-US certified. Its fill is copper infused to keep it cool & fresh.

The pillow doesn’t have a separate cover so, the fill needs to be removed to clean it. Honeydew gives you a 60-night risk-free sleep trial to test its pillow. Plus, it also gives a 3-year warranty for replacement in case of further damages.

Pros of Honeydew Scrumptious Pillow

  • Best for side sleepers
  • Ergonomic design to ease pain

Cons of Honeydew Scrumptious Pillow

  • Doesn’t have a separate pillowcase

6. Elite Rest’s Ultra Slim Pillow [Best for Stomach Sleepers]


The Ultra-slim is Elite Rest’s premium memory foam pillow. The pillow being ultra-slim is extremely comfortable for stomach sleepers. Its ergonomically designed edges ensure adequate support to the head & neck. The pillow provides comfortable spinal support without getting the feeling of suffocation & heating.

The Elite rest ultra-slim pillow can also be used with its flat bottom for extra stability. Its premium memory foam is long-lasting, odorless, and allergy-friendly. Cleaning the Elite rest pillow is pretty easy, as it can be machine-washed.

Pros of Elite Rest Slim Pillow

  • Relives pressure
  • Odorless & allergy-friendly
  • It can be used from both side

Cons of Elite Rest Slim Pillow

  • Can be too slim for some
  • Fairly expensive

7. Everlasting Comfort’s Memory Foam Seat Cushion [Best for Tailbone]

This Everlasting comfort memory foam seat was specially designed with back pain in mind. The cushion uses pure memory foam with heat-sensitive technology to balance temperature and provide extra comfort. Being soft yet firm the cushion adjusts to the curves of the body perfectly. The chair cushion alleviates pressure on the lower back hips, thighs & waist.

It uniformly distributes the pressure to soothe the sciatic nerve. The cushion has an ergonomic U-shaped cut to support the tailbone & coccyx that prevents these sensitive areas from getting fatigued. Being light & adjustable makes the cushion highly portable. It can be used in home, office, car seat, airplane seat, couch, or any surface where you sit on.

The cover of this butt pillow is removal and machine-washable. Its lifetime replacement policy is one of the best things that makes it an alluring option. so, for back pain sufferers, an Everlasting cushion could be just what you need.

Pros of Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion

  • Lightweight & portable
  • Washable cover
  • U-shaped cut for extra support
  • Lifetime replacement

Cons of Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion

  • Some found it a bit smaller
  • Won’t help you with upper back pain

8. Intivision Ortho Bed Wedge Pillow [Best Wedge Pillow]


Wedge pillows are a great way to relieve pressure on sensitive areas by elevating the upper or lower body. The Intivision ortho bed wedge pillow is particularly designed for sleepers with chronic back, hip, or knee pain.

The inclination of the Intevision wedge pillow can be used to rest the head, shoulder, knees, or legs to remove pressure from the sensitive region for improved circulation & spinal alignment.

The pillow is double-layered, the upper layer is of memory foam for a soft feel & the base is of furniture-graded foam for steady support. Its cover is made with bamboo fabric for comfort & durability.

Moreover, the pillow’s cover is also washable. Wedge pillows are a bit bulky but considering their lots of benefits, it’s the best option out there for your irritated spine.

Pros of Intivision Wedge Pillow

  • Double layer for proper support
  • Antibacterial & dustfree
  • Machine washable

Cons of Intivision Wedge Pillow

  • Unusual smell due to polythene packing
  • Retains heat
  • Bit bulky

9. Everlasting Comfort’s Orthopedic Knee Pillow [Best Knee Pillow]

To overcome knee suffering, try using knee pillows, beneath the knees while sleeping on your side. Here, we have Everlasting comfort’s orthopedic knee pillow for pain relief of the sciatic nerve, knee lower back & hip.

The pillow is made with pure memory foam to make it soft but firm for adequate support. Keeping the pillow between the knees assures the proper alignment of the back, hips & legs.

Plus, the pillow can also be useful for pregnancy and maternity support. The pillow has an adjustable strap to hold it the whole night at its place. The pillow’s cover is easy to remove & supports machine washing to maintain its freshness. The knee pillow is also backed by a lifetime replacement warranty from Everlasting.

Pros of Everlasting Comfort Knee Pillow

Dense pure memory foam
Adjustable & removable strap
Free earplugs
Lifetime replacement

Cons of Everlasting Comfort Knee Pillow

Less effective for stomach sleepers

10. Vive Lumbar Roll [Best for Travel]

This unique Vive lumbar roll provides comfortable support to the hips & spine for maintaining correct posture. The pillow is especially aimed to alleviate lower back pain by ensuring correct spinal alignment. The roll is made with high-density foam to maintain its shape.

It’s much smaller & lighter than large cushions, therefore, it’s very portable and can be a good option for traveling. The roll pillow has an adjustable strap to fix it on the car, office, or airplane seats.

The pillow has a breathable cover to dissipate heat faster from the back. The cover also supports machine washing. Additionally, the Vive roll is backed by a 60-day guarantee.

Pros of Vive Lumbar Roll

Highly moldable
Temperature regulation to keep you cool
Washable core & cover

Cons of Vive Lumbar Roll

Bit expensive

11. Everlasting comfort’s Lumbar Pillow [Best Lumbar Support]

The widely known Lumbar support pillow from Everlasting comfort may be just what doctors would recommend to you if you’re a back pain sufferer.

With a heat-responsive, ergonomic design the Lumbar pillow helps you to keep cool & maintain correct posture while sitting. It supports your spinal curvature to ease the pain in your upper, middle & lower back.

It helps you work efficiently without being stressed & exhausted for an extended period. The lumbar back pillow is allergy-friendly & has adjustable straps. The pillow can be used on any chair, car seat, or at any place you sit. The everlasting lumbar cushion also carries a lifetime replacement policy for further protection.

Pros of Everlasting comfort Lumbar Pillow

  • Contoured high-density memory foam
  • Dual adjustable straps
  • Breathable cover
  • Lifetime replacement

Cons of Everlasting Comfort Lumbar Pillow

Some found it a bit firm
Few incidents of poor quality checks have been seen

Things You Should know

What causes back pain?

Back pain can be the result of different health issues that can differ in intensity.
People over the age of 30 have been seen to get back pain more often. Obesity, stress, anxiety, pregnancy & other lifestyle disorders are major factors contributing to pain in them.

In addition bodily injuries caused during exercise, lifting weight or other physical activities may strain the muscles to cause back pain. Sometimes, structural deformities like Arthritis, Osteoporosis & internal spinal infections are also possible causes of discomfort in the back.

Best Practices for Back pain Sleepers

Back sufferers should follow the best sleeping positions as per the need of their body conditions. Changing their sleeping style would help them to overcome pain rapidly. Now it’s all possible with the specially designed pillow for back pain relief.

Side sleepers– The side sleeping style can be helpful for those suffering from osteoarthritis, foraminal herniated disc & spinal stenosis. Slightly changing your sleeping position can alleviate your pain much faster. While sleeping slightly bend your legs towards your chest & place a knee pillow between your legs to maintain proper spinal alignment. Likewise, your neck pillow should have a loft to keep your head & neck at the proper height.

Back sleepers– This sleeping position is the most advised one for back pain relief.
Sleeping on your back distributes the weight of your body evenly and causes the least stress on pressure points. Placing an ergonomically designed pillow under your head & your knees would help your spine to maintain its natural curve. You may also place a standard pillow with a low loft under your knees for the same.

Stomach sleepers– Well, this sleeping position is not ideal for most back pains.
But, if you still want to continue it, you need to switch positions while sleeping. You should use thin pillows under your head or under the pelvis & lower abdomen to prevent your body from sinking into the bed.

How much your pillow matters?

We spend around one-third of our time every day on our beds. So, it’s very important to keep a check on our sleeping accessories. We mostly, focus on the mattress part & overlook its companion pillow. And almost always we try to adjust with pillows that we get with the mattress or kept using the old ones.

But the thing you should bear in mind that pillows suitable for one person may not be suitable for another and especially those pillows that come with mattresses are generic. It’s generally due to the variation in their physique & personal preferences.

So, your pillow matters a lot! You should also keep track of your pillows as if it is lofty or flat. Does it support your back properly? And, Is it clean enough for safe use?

A uniquely designed Pillow for back pain relief is a great way of attaining the objective. Plus, also remember pillows are something you should buy a few but only those that are best.

Things to Consider While Selecting a Pillow for Back pain Relief?

You need to consider various factors while purchasing pillows for back pain relief.
The market is flooded with varieties of pain-relieving pillows that are exaggerated every so often.
So, you should be careful while choosing a pillow for back pain relief. Some of the important factors you should look for are discussed below-

Shape & size – Like clothing pillows are also personal, the size and shape of your body are key elements for selecting one. Pillows’ size should always match a person’s physique, people with larger heads would always hate average-height pillows, on the flip side those with smaller heads would dislike higher lofty pillows. Similar to head size, long neck, and narrower shoulders are also different body configurations you need to consider.

Bodyweight – The weight of your body is also considered a crucial factor when selecting a pillow for back pain relief.
As heavier people would sink in the pillow if it’s less lofty. Also, lighter people would love medium loft pillows.

Filling & Materials – Filling & Materials – Pillow’s fluffiness, firmness, durability, and even price depend on the filling & materials used to make it. So, the filling and materials used in a pillow play a significant role in determining the quality of the pillow. Because quality material can only produce the best pillow for back pain relief.

Budget – It’s something you always need to consider while selecting a pillow. So, always look for pillows that fit around your bill and are worth buying.
But, never hesitate to spend, if it can help you cure faster or can save your hospital bills further.

Fill Materials

The pillow fill materials matter most because it determines how lofty & comfy the pillow would be. The price of a pillow much relies on the quality of the fill. Usually high quality fills like kapok, buckwheat, and memory foam is more expensive than polyester & down alternatives. Some common fill materials are discussed below-

Memory foam – This is one of the most popular choices for pillows these days. Memory foam is known for its property of regaining shape to provide adequate support. Memory foams are specially designed to minimize stress in the neck & shoulders. It can be used in both shredded form or solid form. Strong smell and heat-capturing properties are the downsides of this foam.

Kapok fill – Kapok is a natural cotton-like fiber. It is used to make a pillow lofty, silky, and fluffy. It gives the feel of down without worrying about allergy & loss of loft. That’s why It produces the best pillow for back pain relief.

Polyester fiberfill – It’s generally used to make ergonomically designed pads for relieving back pain. It’s the most budget-friendly and durable option on the list. Polyester fiber is not recommended for low-density pillows as they lose the “bounce”.

Down material – The fill is made with feathers of ducks & geese. Down materials tend to be lighter & softer. It works well in regulating temperature and has a greater lifespan.
These materials are mostly used in luxury hotels & are highly expensive.
Considering its price, we also have down alternative materials that replicate the fill and properties of down materials at an affordable price.

Key Takeaways

Sleeping with the right pillows could help relieve back pain much faster. A certain type of pillow can’t be effective for every person. So, picking the right pillow for back pain relief by taking care of certain factors that I just showed, can get you to your ideal pillow.

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If you have more doubts consider reading the answers to these frequently asked questions.


What’s the best pillow for back pain relief?

Best pillows for back pain relief are

Best Overall – Layla Kapok Pillow
Best Pressure Relief – Amerisleep Flex Pillow
Best Neck Support – Royal Therapy Queen Memory Pillow
Best For Side Sleepers – Honey Dew Scrumptious Pillow
Best For Back Sleepers – Dreamy Blue Premium Pillow
Best For Stomach Sleepers – Elite’s Rest Ultra Slim Pillow
Best For Tailbone – Everlasting Comfort’s Memory Foam Seat
Best Lumbar Support – Everlasting Comfort’s Lumbar Pillow
Best Wedge Pillow – Intevision Ortho Bed Wedge Pillow
Best For Knee – Everlasting Comfort’s Orthopedic Knee Pillow
Best Travel Pillow – Vive Lumbar Roll Pillow

How should I sleep to avoid back pain?

Back pain can be avoided by maintaining correct posture while sleeping or doing daily activities.
It’s advised to keep a decent lofty pillow under your neck and knee when sleeping on your back. If you sleep on your side put the knee pillow between your knees.

How to get rid of back pain fast?

Ways for fast back pain relief are

1. Sleep better
2. Maintain posture
3. Use ice or heat
4. Use pain relief cream
5. Physical therapy
6. Stretch & strengthen exercise
7. Use Over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers as per doctors’ advice
8. Try muscle relaxants

Do knee pillows help back pain?

Knee pillows kept underneath your knees help your spine retain its natural curve to relieve back pain.
For side sleepers, It helps maintain the gap between legs for better blood circulation because of reduced pressure.

Are wedge pillows good for back pain?

Using wedge pillows underneath the legs reduces pressure on the lower back and spine.
Also, for relieving pressure on the neck & shoulders the same pillow can be contoured.
In both cases, it’s a very effective pillow for back pain relief.

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