Butterfly Maternity Pillow Review 2023

During pregnancy, moms have to overcome different challenges, and one of them is getting a good night’s sleep. With normal pillows, it becomes harder to find the perfect sleeping position that can help you pass the restless nights.

Usually, the mom starts having back and hip aches, and with every toss and turn the baby bump feels like a puzzle piece without a perfect fit.

Well, here’s a shocking fact.

According to studies, nearly 75% of expectant mothers struggle with discomfort and sleep issues during their pregnancy.

Pregnancy pillows are one of the best solutions to tackle these issues.

Today, we’re going to review a pregnancy pillow – the Butterfly Maternity Pillow which claims to be one of the best pregnancy companions for mothers.

In this comprehensive Butterfly Maternity Pillow review, we’re diving deep into the world of Maternity Pillow, revealing if this pillow can transform the sleep and comfort of moms.

So, if you’re a soon-to-be mom in search of the perfect sleep companion that also champions sustainability.

Read the complete article to learn about the innovative design, premium materials, cooling features, and manufacturing techniques that make this pillow a standout choice for moms.

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Butterfly maternity pillow review

The Butterfly Maternity Pillow can be a good investment for pregnant moms. This pillow is made with tiny siliconized polyester fiber balls called Cloudfill and it is covered with organic eucalyptus fabric called Tencel. It is great for providing support to baby bump or to elevate pressure from the back. It is bit pricey compared to others alternatives and might not be the best for pain relief.

Fill MaterialCloudfill (Siliconized Polyester Balls)
Pillow fabricTencel (Made from Eucalyptus Cellulose)
Pillow TypeMaternity Pillow
ColorWhite, Oatmeal, Rust, Sage, Charcoal, Lavender, and Cornflower Blue.
BrandButterfly Maternity
Dimension(20cm* 80cm*120cm)

What is a Butterfly Maternity Pillow?

A mother sleepin on Butterfly Maternity Pillow

The Butterfly Maternity Pillow is a compact side-support pregnancy pillow designed to cradle your bump and support your back, regardless of your side of sleep.

Made in Melbourne, Australia, it is covered with Japanese cotton soaked with a natural beeswax coating for durability and a silky feel. Materials used in the cover of the pillow are skin-friendly and OEKO-TEX 100 Certified.

The pillow is filled with Cloudfil, tiny siliconized polyester fiber balls that move independently, providing optimum support for your body at all stages of pregnancy.

To maintain its support, simply plump the pillow by removing the Tencel cover. It can be easily fluffed to get back its supportive shape after machine washing in warm water—to easily get rid of germs.

Design and Dimensions

Multicolor options for pillow

As the name suggests this Maternity Pillow is butterfly-shaped, which is also known as a wedge-shaped design. One of the pillow wings is designed to cradle your bump while the other one is to provide optimum support to the lower back.

The two-wing system of the pillow provides extra support to keep hips and spine in proper alignment.

The size of the pillow is optimal for an average-height mom. The 20cm height, 80cm width, and 120cm length of the pillow make it ideal for all stages of pregnancy. To maintain its supportive shape, simply remove the Tencel cover and hand wash the pillow by hand.

There are many colors to choose from—the pillow comes in White, Oatmeal, Rust, Sage, Charcoal, Lavender, and Cornflower Blue.

The material used in the pillow, be it a cover which is made with Japanese cotton soaked with natural beeswax coating or the siliconized Cloudfil balls, you can be sure of its quality.

What is Cloudfil?

The Butterfly Maternity Pillow contains a patented filler called Cloudfil. It is constructed of countless microscopic, individually moving siliconized polyester fiber balls.

These balls keep the pillow’s shape and support throughout your pregnancy because they don’t clump or form flat patches. To evenly distribute the Cloudfil balls and provide your body with the best support throughout your pregnancy, simply puff the pillow.

What is Tencel?

Tencel, an environment-friendly fabric, is used in the latest pillow covers of Butterfly Maternity. It is made from sustainably grown eucalyptus and beech cellulose fibers, Tencel is naturally pure white, requiring no bleaching and requiring no chemical load.

The Butterfly’s dyeing formulations create fashion-forward colors and prints and claim to minimize environmental footprint.

How Does Butterfly Pillow Feel Like?

Sleep position of moms

The Butterfly Maternity Pillow offers a feather-like feel and stability, providing a comfortable and gentle sleeping experience.

Its feather-light, super-soft design prevents clumping or flattening, and its Cloudfil filling ensures a restorative, odor-free sleeping environment.

Does Butterfly Pillow Come With Cover?

Yes, each butterfly pillow has a standard, tie-free removable Tencel cover. To turn your Butterfly Maternity Pillow into a supportive, transportable, and comfortable nursing pillow for you and your baby, you need to buy a separate Nursing Cover.

Performance of Butterfly Maternity Pillow

Features of butterfly pillow

The Butterfly Maternity Pillow has collected favorable reviews from its users. Let’s have a look at the performance factors that can help you better analyze it:

1. Support

Customers have reported that the Butterfly Maternity Pillow offers excellent back and stomach support. It lessens strain and stiffness in the back by maintaining hip and spine alignment.

2. Sleep Quality

Using the Butterfly Maternity Pillow has reportedly improved sleep for several consumers. It is made to be flexible and small, making it simple to shift and reposition in bed for a more comfortable sleep.

3. Pain Relief

The cushion has received recognition for its prowess in reducing pressure points, neck discomfort, and body aches. It offers abdominal support and eases pregnancy-related pain.

4. Smell

No particular details on the scent of the Butterfly Maternity Pillow are provided.

5. Durability

To ensure durability, the Butterfly Maternity Pillow is composed of Japanese cotton that has been coated in natural beeswax. Cloudfil, a material made up of countless small siliconized polyester fiber balls, is used as the filler since it doesn’t clump or form flat spots.

However, there is no particular information on hand concerning the pillow’s long-term robustness.

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Pros of the Butterfly Maternity Pillow:

  • Exceptional support for bump and back
  • Quality construction with premium materials
  • Cloudfil fillings.
  • Japara Cotton soaked with a natural beeswax coating.
  • Australian made
  • 90-night risk-free trial

Cons of the Butterfly Maternity Pillow:

  • Non-adjustable, may not suit all body types
  • Not ideal for back pain relief
  • Past comfort concerns.

Who Should Buy It?

It is a great investment for pregnant women seeking a comfortable and supportive sleep experience. Despite its high price, many users find it worth the investment due to its quality and effectiveness in providing support and comfort during pregnancy.

This pillow is not adjustable. Hence it is not suitable for everyone. For moms who are either too overweight or too short, this pillow may not provide you the desired support. The pillow won’t be good for you if you want to get relief from back pain.

Also in the past, there were some complaints about the pillow being less comfy and uncomfortable due to the lower amount of stuffing, but the product has improved lately so you don’t need to worry much about it.

Note: The Butterfly Maternity Pillow is not a sleeping device for your baby. Avoid placing the pillow in a crib or other sleep device. Also, it’s not recommended to keep the pillow on soft or uneven surfaces and use it as a co-sleeping device.

Pricing and Discounts

The Butterfly Maternity Pillow is available for purchase on the official website. The Butterfly Maternity Pillow is available in different colors with the pricing around $100.

The Butterfly Maternity offers discounts frequently, so keep checking the official site and Sign Up for updates to get informed about the deals.

The purchase of this Maternity pillow for most of the mothers was worthwhile, according to the reviews. However, whether or not the Butterfly Maternity Pillow is value for money depends on your personal preferences and budget, so also keep a check on it while making the decision.

Customer Opinions

Praise: (So Comfy)

“I was super put off by the price, but had heard that it was the best one, so bit the bullet and bought it… and it was completely worth it! It supports the bump so beautifully, I absolutely love it! Plus, it’s not this huge mammoth pillow that takes up your whole bed, which is always nice.”



Complaint: (Very uncomfortable using this pillow)

“I find I can’t get comfortable at all with this pillow. The pressure pushes on my belly so much it hurts and I’m left without any support for my hips that I’ve been getting bad cramps. I’ve persisted hoping it would get better further into my pregnancy but no such luck.”




The Butterfly maternity pillow is currently only shipped in Australia, the United States, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, and Europe. Someone from outside of these countries can contact them for special deliveries. Normally, they dispatch the orders within 1-2 days so that they can reach early to you.

The shipping charges for this Pillow are calculated based on the location. Shipping time taken for a usual delivery to reach your home can be from 2-30 days based on the location you are from. For more information, you can check the official website.

Customer support

The Customer Support of Butterfly is very reliable, they are available to assist with any questions, product inquiries, or feedback. To contact the Customer Care team, you can fill out the form, email, call, or Initiate a chat. For online help, you can also visit their Messenger platform.

The 90-Day Risk-Free Trial and Warranty

The Butterfly Maternity Pillow offers a 90-night trial for a full refund if not 100% satisfied. If the pillow is faulty, damaged in transit, or the order was incorrect, a full replacement or exchange, including shipping costs, is available within 90 nights. To return a product, you can contact the company via email or the contact form available on the official site.

Additionally, the Pillow comes with a 12-month warranty, covering any external damages, ensuring your comfort and safety during your pregnancy.

How do I care for my Butterfly maternity pillow?

The Butterfly Maternity Pillow is fully machine washable. Just remove the Tencel cover and put your Butterfly Maternity Pillow in the washing machine at a maximum of 60 Degrees Celsius to kill all the dust mites. Drip dry to rejuvenate and fluff to return your Butterfly Maternity Pillow to its supportive shape.

Other Alternatives

Here are some alternatives to the Butterfly Maternity Pillow:

1. Momcozy Pregnancy Pillow, J Shaped

Mother sleeping on pink Momcozy Pillow

The Momcozy Pregnancy Pillows, J-shaped, offer full-body support and comfort for expecting mothers, with a unique J-shaped design for side sleeping.

Made of skin-friendly synthetic fiber filler, it provides professional support and is suitable for nursing mothers, injury recovery, fibromyalgia, and sciatica sufferers. It replaces ordinary bed pillows and provides a comfortable alternative.

2. Meiz Cooling Pregnancy Pillow

Mom sleeping on blue pillow

MEIZ offers a unique Maternity Pillow designed to relieve pregnancy-related pains and improve sleep quality. The washable jersey cotton cover, made of 95% organic cotton and 5% 2D cooling spandex, is elastic, cool, durable, and washable.

The adjustable 7D Polyester Filling, certified by OEKO-TEX, is firm yet soft. The pillow features long zippers for easy removal and replacement.

3. Pharmedoc Pregnancy Pillow, U-Shaped

Mom sleeping of Pharmedoc peach color pillow

PharMeDoc offers a U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow, designed to alleviate pain and discomfort during pregnancy.

The pillow measures 53 inches long, 31 inches wide, and 7 inches high, with a high-quality polyfill filling and a 100% jersey knit cotton cover, and comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

4. Momcozy Pregnancy Pillow, U-Shaped

A mother sleeping on blue U shaped Momcozy pillow

The Momcozy Pregnancy Pillow, U-shaped Full Body, is a versatile pillow designed for pregnant women, nursing mothers, injury recovery, and those with hip/back pain, fibromyalgia, or sciatica.

Its unique U-shape design provides optimal comfort and support for the back, hips, legs, belly, and head, improving blood circulation and alleviating back soreness, hip pain, and leg swelling.

It is known for providing exceptional comfort, pain relief, and quality rest for expecting mothers.  

Butterfly Maternity Pillow Review Verdict

The Butterfly Maternity Pillow is a popular choice among pregnant women for its comfort and support. However, its non-adjustable design makes it unsuitable for some, and it may not be the best option for those seeking relief from back pain.

The 90-night trial and 12-month warranty can give you confidence as you would have a fair amount of time to test and decide. It’s important to consider personal preferences and budget when making a decision, and we have also listed some of the best alternatives for the Butterfly pillow so that you won’t be left out without getting your ideal pillow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of closure is there in the pillow?

The Butterfly Maternity Pillow has a tie-free closure for its removable cover. It is easy to manage, you don’t need to tie any knots to secure the cover.

Does the Butterfly Maternity Pillow come with a cover?

Yes, each Butterfly Maternity Pillow includes a standard removable cover manufactured using Tencel fabric. However, if you want to use it as a nursing pillow, you’ll need to purchase a separate nursing cover from their store.

Is Butterfly Maternity Pillow heavy?

No, the Butterfly Maternity Pillow is not heavy. It’s designed to be lightweight and easy to handle, so it won’t feel clunky.

What’s the return policy of Butterfly Maternity pillow?

Butterfly offers a 90-night return policy. If you’re not happy with the pillow within 90 nights of purchase, you can return it and get a full refund.

Does Butterfly Maternity Pillow have any certifications?

Yes, the materials used in Butterfly Maternity Pillow are certified. The pillow cover is OEKO-TEX 100 Certified, which means it’s tested for safety and free from harmful substances. This assures you that the pillow is made with safe materials for you and your baby.

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