Cushion Lab Seat Cushion Review 2023

Are you tired of uncomfortable sitting? Whether at work or home, sitting for long hours can be a pain – literally.

But the good news is that modern ergonomic pillows are changing the game. These specially designed Seat Cushion Pillows are capable of providing you with the correct support and comfort needed.

In this article, we’ll review the popular Cushion Lab Seat Cushion Pillow. We’ll deeply analyze the pillow considering its shape, size, materials, comfort, durability, and overall performance so that you can decide whether this pillow is worth your investment.

Ready to make sitting effortless? Let’s dive into the in-depth review of Cushion Lab Seat Cushion Pillow.

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The Cushion Lab Seat Cushion is an awesome pillow made with Hyperfoam. It is great for improving posture or to elevate pressure from the hip and back if you sit for long hours. It is bit pricey compared to others alternatives and might not be the best for pain relief.

Fill MaterialHyperfoam
Pillow fabricRecycled Polyester
Pillow TypeSeat Cushion
BrandCushion Lab
SizesStandard, Large

What is Cushion Lab?

Cushion Lab is a company that produces ergonomic memory foam pillows and beds. The Cushion Labs has in-house ergonomists to create the company’s products using environmentally friendly materials like organic cotton and bamboo fiber.

Products from Cushion Lab are intended to improve productivity and relieve pain. The company offers different varieties of pillows and bedding accessories.

What is Cushion Lab Pressure Relief Seat Cushion?

Cushion lab seat cushion pillow picture

The Cushion Lab Pressure Relief Seat Cushion is a popular seat cushion that claims to help improve posture and make sitting more comfortable.

It is constructed of a unique charcoal-infused memory foam called Hyperfoam —that held up well over a month of testing. This airy, lightweight cushion has a soft plushy feel and maintains its shape.

It looks classy and fits on the majority of common office chairs. The bottom of the seat cushion has a gripping material that makes it remain stuck in the car seat, office chair, or wooden kitchen chair without any ties.

The velvety cover of the seat cushion is made with earth-friendly recycled polyester fabric that breathes and wicks moisture to ensure cool and airy usage even during the summertime. The cover of the pillow reminds me of the Heathered Sheets. The cushion cover is also washable so it is easy to keep the pillow clean and fresh.

The Cushion Lab seat cushion has over 8,900 Amazon reviews and claims to relieve back pain. All the pillows made by Cushion Lab are cruelty-free and even the memory foam used in the pillow is CertiPUR-US and Oeko-TEX certified.

Design and Appearance

Cushion lab seat cushion shown in two sitting positions

The Cushion Lab Pressure Relief Seat Cushion has been scientifically designed to relieve sitting and hip pressure while improving posture on any chair.

It has a unique split design that evenly distributes body weight and remains stuck on the seat without slippage. Its soft rebounding memory foam easily conforms to help you relax and get optimal comfort.

The pillow comes in a variety of colors so, it becomes easier to pair and arrange in your space.

Size and Fit

standard size

The cushion comes in two sizes: Standard (18 W x 15.5 L x 4 H inches) and Large (21 W x 18 L x 5 H inches). The Standard size is suitable for most chairs and seats.

For people weighing over 210lbs, it’s suggested to go for the Large size as it will give them ultimate comfort and support. The Large size is also recommended if you want to use the cushion on a larger chair or seat.

Performance of Cushion Lab Seat Cushion Pillow

Choosing the right cushion can be a daunting task, but there are a few factors to consider that can help you make an informed decision.


This pillow provides exceptional support for hips as well as thighs making all-day sitting more comfortable. Its ergonomic design encourages good posture and easily distributes weight, and the memory foam offers soft yet supportive comfort.


The Cushion can be used in a variety of settings, such as in an office chair, car seat, wheelchair, or kitchen chair. Its wide range of use cases makes it a perfect companion for traveling.

Pain Relief

For the majority of people, this pillow effectively relieved pain in the back and hips, promoting better posture and evenly distributing weight.

However, the effectiveness of the seat cushion may differ from person to person. We won’t recommend you purchase this cushion solely for pain relief, as there are better alternatives available for much more affordable pricing.


This Hyperfoam-built seat cushion promotes airflow, prevents sweating, and keeps your butt cool throughout the day. The continuous airflow lets you sit for longer hours without any discomfort.


The high-quality material used in the cushion makes it long-lasting and durable. Improved breathability also helps the pillow to not accumulate moisture and dust which can degrade it over time.

Value For Money

Compared to the alternatives, the pricing of Cushion Lab seat cushions is a little on the higher side. If your budget is very price-sensitive, this pillow may not allure you.

But if price is not the issue, you can consider this cushion, the high-quality memory foam and support it provides is worth the investment.

Pros and Cons

Here are some pros and cons of Cushion Lab Pressure Relief Seat Cushion:


  • High-quality materials
  • Maintains shape
  • Can be used at home or while traveling


  • Varied results
  • May be too tall for some people

Who Should Buy It

If you closely look at the benefits the pillow has to offer, it is better for improving posture, avoiding temperature buildup, and providing comfort while traveling or sitting in a place for hours.

By looking at these we can conclude that this pillow can be a good choice if you —

  1. You want to improve your posture while sitting for longer hours
  2. You sweat a lot
  3. You are ready to spend some extra bucks on quality material
  4. You’re yearning for size options!

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Customer Opinions


 “This is not my first seat cushion, but it’s by far my favorite! To start, the groves for your thighs are really comfortable and they prevent my legs from going to sleep. It’s made with a denser type of memory foam that doesn’t flatten like my other cushions do, which is really crucial if you plan to spend any extended period of time sitting. My favorite, however, is the split design that wraps around the hip, I find that it really helps distribute my weight and prevent lower back tightness. All in all, I definitely recommend picking this up! ”

Margaret W.(Verified Buyer)


“Not enough dense foam. I weigh 210lbs and after a month it squishes down too much. Dimensions are good just a little thick. I use a computer chair with padding that I feel the plate through the chair’s own padding. With this cushion, it was better for a couple of weeks. Now I can feel the plate through both cushions. So not worth the nearly $100”

Robert S. (Verified Buyer)


If you’re looking for discount codes and offers for the popular Cushion Lab Seat cushion, you can visit Amazon or the official website of Cushion Lab. You can sign up for their newsletter, and follow them on social media to get exclusive discounts and limited-time offers.


For orders within the 48 states of the United States, Cushion Lab offers free shipping. However, for orders from Alaska and Hawaii, they charge a flat shipping rate. Usually, an order takes around 2-5 days to reach.

To make sure that your order reaches you as quickly as possible, they ship on weekdays from their closest warehouses located in Fontana, CA, Louisville, or KY. The orders on the weekend get shipped on Monday.

Customer Support

The customer support of the Cushion Lab is very commendable. You can reach out to them through mail or the contact form. You can also check the status of your order from the “Order Status” Page on the official website.

Return and Refund Policy

The Cushion Lab offers a 30-day return period, and the shipping cost for the return would be paid by you, which won’t be refundable. To begin, email [email protected] with your order number.

Following inspection, they promise a refund within 3-5 business days. Any missing refunds can be addressed by reaching out to them. Remember, “final sale” items are non-refundable. For more, you can visit the official page of the site.


Products from Cushion Lab have a one-year limited warranty. The warranty protects products against manufacturing flaws under regular use and service for a period of one year from the date of original purchase for the original buyer.

How Do I Clean the Cushion Lab Seat Cushion?

The cover of the cushion is removable so it becomes easier to clean. To clean the Seat Cushion, you can remove the cover and machine wash it on a gentle cycle, then hang it to air dry.

Note: The core of the pillow is not washable. Do not put it under water, only wash the cover when needed.

For more information about Cushion Lab’s Pillow and service FAQs, you can check here.

Cushion Lab Seat Cushion vs Purple Royal Cushion

Both the Cushion Lab Pressure Relief Seat Cushion and the Purple Royal Seat Cushion are popular seat cushions that claim to improve posture and make all-day sitting more comfortable. Here are some differences between the two:

1. Material

The Cushion Lab cushion is made of a proprietary Hyperfoam—charcoal-infused memory foam—that held up well over a month of testingThe Purple Royal cushion is made of a hyper-elastic polymer that provides support and comfort

2. Design

The Cushion Lab seat pillow is designed to relieve sitting and hip pressure while improving sitting posture on any chairThe Purple Royal seat cushion is also designed to provide support and comfort for your back, hips, and legs

3. Size

The Cushion Lab’s cushion comes in two sizes: Standard (18 W x 15.5 L x 4 H inches) and Large (21 W x 18 L x 5 H inches)The Purple cushion comes in one size: 18.5 W x 14 L x 2 H inches

4. Price

The Cushion Lab cushion is priced $$The Purple Royal cushion is also priced at $$

What Are Some of the Best Alternatives to Cushion Lab Seat Cushion?

Here are some of the best alternatives to the Cushion Lab Pressure Relief Seat Cushion:

Tempur-Pedic Seat Cushion

tempur pedic cushion

The Tempur-Pedic cushion can be one of the best alternatives for Cushion Lab’s pillow. The tempur-pedic cushion is designed to provide firm support and relieve pressure on your tailbone.

It offers a plush contour surface composed of licensed Tempur foam that molds to your body, absorbs your weight, and makes you feel buoyant and stress-free. The cushion measures 16″ x 16″ x 2″ and has an allergen-resistant, detachable, and washable dark navy blue cover.

Purple Royal Cushion

purple royal seat cushion uncovered

Another good alternative for Cushion Lab’s seat, the Purple Royal cushion is made of a hyper-elastic polymer that provides superior support and comfort. The Purple Seat Cushion is one of the popular choices for authors, long-haul drivers, writers, painters, CEOs, and anybody who spends a significant portion of the day sitting and working at a place.

The polymer used in the pillow resembles the gel padding found inside an ergonomic backpack strap. Even when you move around and switch positions, the cushion cups your butt and tailbone. The gel cushion is two inches thick and weighs 6.0 lbs. If we talk about its size it is 17.5″ x 15.75″ x 2″.

Comfilife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion 

Comfilife seat cushion core

The adjustable ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion offers outstanding comfort and support on seating. It is stable thanks to its non-slip rubber bottom and gel-enhanced memory foam construction.

The cushion weighs 1.45 pounds and has dimensions of 17.6″ x 13.8″ x 2.75″. It is intended to relieve pressure on the tailbone, encourage good posture, and ease back and sciatica pain. The cushion has a built-in handle for easier travel and a machine-washable zipped velour cover for simple cleaning.

Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion

Everlasting comforts seat cushion black color

Finally, we have the Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion. It is a highly-rated memory foam coccyx seat cushion that eases back, leg, and hip pain while offering orthopedic support. It includes an ergonomic U-shaped cutout that responds to body heat and is constructed entirely of quality memory foam.

The cushion is intended to reduce pain from prolonged sitting and assist in improving poor posture. It is 13″ x 15.5″ in size and can be used in any seat, including hard bleachers, vehicle seats, and office chairs. The cushion has a non-slip coating that helps it stay put as you move around in your seat.

Cushion Lab Seat Cushion Review Verdict

If you can justify the price of this pillow, it’s surely one of the most supportive seat cushions that can help maintain posture for longer hours. If you are someone looking to buy this pillow for pain relief, it may help you easily align to the natural body curves but won’t be effective in relieving pain straight away.

For overweight and those who travel a lot this pillow can be worth considering as it is long-lasting and remains stuck at its position even in the moving vehicles. The moisture-wicking property of the pillow is also very helpful for one who sweats a lot or has an allergy issue.

Those who haven’t tried any seat cushions before may also feel it to be a little uncomfortable in the beginning. Overall the pillow is offering a good deal. Also, you get a 30-day return period so you don’t need to worry even if you won’t like it after trying it all by yourself.

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Is the Cushion Lab Seat Cushion Suitable for traveling?

The seat cushion by Cushion Lab is good for traveling, it is portable and compact. Also, the bottom of the pillow remains stuck even without any strap making it easier to use on buses, cars, and airplanes while traveling.

What’s the return policy of Cushion Lab?

Cushion Lab’s return policy allows returns within 30 days of purchase. Customers are charged for the return shipping costs, and the original shipping fee is not refunded. You can contact at [email protected] with your order number to start the return process.

Does Cushion Lab have any certifications?

Yes, the memory foam used in manufacturing the Cushion Lab Pillow is CertiPUR-US and Oeko-TEX certified and meets global standards.

Is Cushion Lab vegan?

Cushion Lab is a vegan brand. They pride themselves on creating products that are cruelty-free and free from any animal-derived materials. Their cushions are made using only plant-based materials, such as memory foam made from soybeans or bamboo charcoal-infused foam. Additionally, their cushion covers are also vegan-friendly and made from synthetic fabrics like polyester or nylon.

Is Cushion Lab worth the investment?

The Cushion Lab Seat Cushion may be considered expensive compared to alternatives, and it may not be the best choice for pain relief. But if you are looking for a pillow that provides optimal support and helps maintain posture while sitting for long, the Cushion Lab’s Seat Pillow can be your ideal choice.

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