See New Pillows by Purple’s for Deeper Sleep

Purple Innovation, Inc., a prominent player in the sleep tech sector, aims to transform our nocturnal comfort. In a recent announcement, Rob DeMartini, the CEO of Purple, sheds light on the brand’s commitment to reshaping comfort through their latest pillow innovations.

Pillow Revolution

Purple’s CEO Rob DeMartiniRob DeMartini, steering the ship at Purple, shares insights into the pillow revolution the company is spearheading.

Driven by the belief that everyone deserves top-notch sleep, DeMartini talks about the brand’s dedication to making deep sleep a breeze. The expansion of Purple’s pillow line is a logical step in ensuring consumers have diverse options to cater to their specific sleep needs.

Latest GelFlex Grid Technology

At the core of Purple’s pillow revolution is the GelFlex Grid Technology. With over 150 patents, this cutting-edge technology is a major leap in mattress design. Adapting instantly to movements, regulating temperature, easing pressure, and offering targeted support, GelFlex Grid is engineered to relieve discomfort, ensuring a tranquil sleep experience.

Features, Pricing, Design

Purple introduces two new pillows that showcase the prowess of GelFlex Grid Technology. The Purple Harmony Anywhere Pillow is a compact, lightweight, travel-sized version, perfect for those on the move.

It boasts a weightless feel with medium firmness, suitable for side or combination sleepers. Meanwhile, the Freeform Pillow offers customizable support, firmness, and height. Its adaptable feel allows for personalized firmness, catering to various sleep positions.

In terms of pricing, the Harmony Anywhere Pillow is priced at $149, while the Freeform Pillow is available at $199 for standard size and $239 for king size. Both pillows are crafted with Purple’s proprietary GelFlex Grid Technology, ensuring temperature-neutral and pressure-relieving properties.

Deep Sleep Anywhere and Everywhere

The Harmony Anywhere Pillow, crafted for on-the-go luxury, extends the comfort of Purple’s best-selling pillow beyond home boundaries. Its compact size and lightweight design make it a perfect travel companion, offering a luxurious sleep experience wherever needed.

Final Thoughts

As Purple continues to innovate in the sleep tech arena, CEO Rob DeMartini’s vision is clear – life is too brief for subpar pillows. The latest additions to Purple’s pillow line align with its mission to provide consumers with a range of options to suit specific sleep needs.

With GelFlex Grid Technology at the core, Purple invites everyone to enjoy the bliss of deep, restorative sleep with ease. Rest Better. Embrace Purple™.

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