Tesla Smart Heating Pillow: Why You Should Try This

Getting a good night’s sleep becomes difficult if the temperature around you is not optimal. While normal pillows may provide you with just support, a heating pillow has a lot to offer. It can give you a soothing and restful sleep to ease your tension by providing the perfect warmth to your body.

In this article, we will talk about a heating pillow—Tesla Smart Heating Pillow. Also, we see the features of this pillow, its effectiveness, and how it works. 

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Tesla smart pillow

The Tesla Smart Heating Pillow is an awesome pillow with auto heat regulation, sleep monitoring, and an in-built speaker feature. The sleep monitoring AI used in the pillow helps the pillow to adjust its temperature throughout the night to provide quality sleep.

Key Features Table

Dimensions57 x 38 x 8–11 cm
Fill MaterialMemory Foam
Pillow fabricCotton, Polyester
Temperature range37–57 °C
FeaturesSleep monitoring, Cervical spine heating with FIR technology, Built-in speakers, Timer, Washable cover

Say goodbye to days when you were twisting and turning your pillow for better sleep. The Tesla Smart Heating Pillow has come up with this revolutionizing pillow to uplift the comfort of your sleep.

The pillow uses cutting-edge technology to provide a personalized and comfortable sleeping experience for its users. It features an adjustable memory foam base that sets an optimal environment for you during sleep. 

The pillow combines both luxuries and functionality to adore the sleepers. The high-density memory foam contours to the user’s body and helps relieve pressure points

Additionally, the cover of the Tesla Smart Heating Pillow is made using soft cotton and durable polyester fabric. Its luxurious design makes it a perfect choice to complement any bedroom decor.

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Design And Ergonomics 

A girl sleeping on tesla smart pillow

The ergonomics and design of the Tesla’s Smart Heating Pillow are well thought out to ensure better support. Its contoured shape very well helps with neck alignment, while the medium firmness supports the head without any trouble.

The low-profile design of the pillow reduces the chance of neck strain while sleeping. The dimensions of the pillow are 57 cm x 38 cm x 8 cm, making it an ideal choice for both adults and children. 


  • Temperature Regulation 
  • High-quality memory foam
  • Breathable fabric
  • Built-in Bluetooth speaker

How It Works

Tesla Smart Heating Pillow features advanced sleep monitoring technology to track your movements and sleeping patterns for better temperature regulation.

Its FIR technology helps maintain body temperature by evenly distributing energy waves over the whole body, allowing for deep relaxation and improved circulation. 

This feature helps reduce pain and stiffness in muscles, joints, nerves, ligaments, and tendons associated with neck pain or poor posture while sleeping. Users can adjust the temperature settings to 57°C according to their preferences. 

Benefits of tesla smart pillow

The pillow has four temperature modes with different color codes, one can change the modes using a button in a specific order. Once the pillow reaches the temperature, the breathing lighting is turned on, indicating that the temperature is stable.

The pillow comes with a built-in Bluetooth speaker to play your favorite song or music to fall asleep quickly. It also has a voice control feature and a timer, users can control the settings of the pillow using an App. 

How To Use

The Tesla Smart Pillow is very easy to use, simply plug it into a power source and turn it on. The pillow will start in the first gear with a green indicator, reflecting a temperature range of 37~41°C. You can change the gears using the button provided. See the four temperature ranges of the pillow below.

Temperature Ranges for the Pillow

  • 1st gear-green light (37~41°C)
  • 2nd gear- orange light (42°C~46°C)
  • 3rd gear-purple light (47°C~51°C)
  • 4th gear-red light (52°C~57°C)

In case of a sudden power outage, the gear information will be stored so you don’t have to set it again. Also, power banks can be used during the power cut to use the pillow seamlessly. 


The Tesla Smart Heating Pillow is a user-friendly device that ensures a comfortable and soothing sleep. Its sleep monitoring and in-build Bluetooth make it a powerful sleep assistant.

Read More:

Can I wash Tesla Smart Heating Pillow?

The Tesla Smart Heating Pillow is non-washable — but the pillow has a washable cover that you can clean to maintain hygiene.

Does Tesla Smart Heating Pillow have a Battery?

The Tesla Smart Pillow doesn’t come with a battery, you have to plug it into the electric supply or a power bank in order to use it.

Can I put a cover on Tesla Smart Heating Pillow?

Yes, you can put the pillow cover that comes with the Tesla Smart Heating pillow to protect it. In case, you are using another material make sure the cover does not interfere with the functionality of the pillow. It is always a good idea to stick with the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines while using a product. 

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