UFC’s Surprising Foe: Pillow Fighters Making Headlines!

In the world of combat sports, one name stands out above all others: the Ultimate Fighting Championship, better known as the UFC.

But recently, there’s been a surprising contender in the ring – Pillow Fight Championship, or Pillow FC.

This unexpected rivalry has been making headlines, and we’re here to break it down for you in simple terms.

The Clash: UFC vs. Pillow FC

You might be wondering how a sport involving pillows can be a foe to the mighty UFC. Well, it’s all about trademarks and logos.

PFC vs UFC logo fight

The UFC raised concerns about Pillow FC’s logo and trademark application. They worried that it might cause confusion among fans due to similarities with their own branding.

To avoid any legal battles with the UFC, Pillow FC decided to make changes to their logo. Initially, their logo had “PFC” in red, with “Pillow Fight Championship” below it.

This raised questions about its resemblance to the UFC logo, which also features bold letters in red. In response, Pillow FC changed the color to orange to make it distinct from the UFC’s red logo.

New PFC Logo

The World of Pillow Fighting

Now that we’ve covered the legal stuff, let’s dive into the exciting world of professional pillow fighting. Pillow FC has come up with a unique concept that’s both entertaining and safe. They’ve designed special pillows with grip handles, and the rules are pretty straightforward:

  1. Three One-Minute Rounds: Just like in traditional combat sports, Pillow FC matches consist of three rounds, each lasting one minute.
  2. No Pushing or Grappling: Unlike the UFC, where fighters engage in intense grappling and takedowns, Pillow FC forbids pushing or grappling. It’s all about pillow strikes.
  3. Pillow-Only Strikes: Fighters can only use their pillows to strike their opponents. No fists, kicks, or elbows are allowed.
  4. Extra Points for Style: Pillow FC awards extra points for knockdowns, spinning strikes, and showmanship. It’s not just about hitting; it’s about doing it with flair.

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Pillow FC has attracted an eclectic mix of fighters. While they often feature competitors from various backgrounds, including models and influencers, they’ve also managed to draw in MMA fighters like Istela Nunes, a UFC strawweight and Pillow FC champion.

UFC veterans like Marcus Brimage and Markus Perez have also stepped into the world of pillow fighting.

Why the Fuss?

Now, you might be wondering why the UFC decided to send lawyers over something that seems trivial, like pillow fighting.

While the exact reasons remain a mystery, it’s not uncommon for big corporations to protect their brand vigorously. They want to ensure that their image remains distinct and unconfused with anything else.


In the world of combat sports, Pillow FC is making waves and causing a surprising clash with the UFC. While it might seem like a lighthearted and fun concept, trademark issues can be a serious matter in the business world. Pillow FC’s decision to change their logo’s color shows their willingness to avoid legal disputes.

So, next time you hear about Pillow FC, remember that even the most unexpected sports can capture the spotlight and, in this case, go head-to-head with the UFC in a unique battle of pillows versus punches.

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