See These Adorable Pet Pillows and Blanket from Hommey

Perhaps you live with a wonderful dog who enjoys lazing around on plush surfaces. 

But now, the home furnishings company, Hommey has recently debuted a dog- and cat-friendly bedding collection.

Hence, you can tell your pet that they will soon receive their own bedding. 

Hommey's first-ever pet collection emphasizes coziness, but only for your four-legged buddies and not for you.

With its plush memory foam mattresses, bone-shaped pillows, and cozy faux-fur blankets, the collection promises comfort.

The beds cost between $159 and $229, come in small and larger sizes, and are in a variety of colors.

Its color collection includes milkshake, lilac, latte, blush, duke, marshmallow, mushroom, coffee, tan, and rose; and olive, cherry, stone, and raven.

The Cushions in the shape of bones are decorated in many hues.

The Hommey collection also includes blankets priced at $49, collars, and leads in a variety of colors for $39 and $49, respectively.


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