How to Style a Bed Like a Designer

Image Credit: Unsplash

Your bed is the centerpiece of your bedroom, and it deserves to be styled like a designer. You can turn your bed into a plush, comfortable haven with a few easy tactics.

The following tips will help you decorate your bed like a designer.

Build a solid foundation

If you want to style your bed like a designer start with a solid foundation. Use a neutral color scheme for your bedding, like white or cream.

Layer your bedding 

Layering your bedding is a key element in creating a designer look. Use fitted sheets first, followed by flat sheets, and then a thin blanket or duvet. Finish with a quilt or throw for depth and texture.

Combine various textures

The best approach to give your bedding visual interest is to combine and contrast materials. You can choose a range of textures including linen, cotton, and velvet. 

Add decorative pillows 

When decorating a bed like a designer, decorative pillows are a must. To create a layered and dimensional look, select suitable colors, sizes, shapes, and textures.

Make a center point

Add a statement element to your bed, such as a patterned duvet cover or a striking throw cushion, to make it the center of attention as it will build visual interest. 

Get quality accessories

Spend money on premium accessories like a plush area rug or an opulent throw blanket. These extras will elevate the atmosphere of your bedroom as a whole.

Give finishing touches 

Last but not least, when designing your bed like a designer, don't overlook the final touches. Smooth out any creases on your bedding, tuck the edges of your sheets in, and fluff your pillows. 

Now go ahead and style your bed like a designer, and enjoy the comfort and beauty of your own personal sanctuary.


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