Is There Any Benefit Of Using Two Pillows?

Sleep is a vital part of our life, so it's important to ensure that we are getting the best sleep possible.

When it comes to enhancing the sleeping experience, increasing the number of pillows seems the most easier option.

But, does sleeping on more pillow helps?

Expert says, using one or more pillows can be beneficial for you depending on your sleeping style and the pillow's position.

For stomach and back sleepers— a single pillow is enough to keep the spine in its natural form.

But, using two pillows can help reduce snoring and sleep apnea in side sleepers.

A study by Rochester University says that back sleepers can also benefit themselves by putting a pillow between the knees for better alignment of their spine.

The secret is - no matter how many pillows you use, keep in mind that your head should always remain in a neutral position.


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