Know Everything About the wool bedding revolution

The bedding market is seeing a transformation because of  the wool.

Wool is becoming more and more popular because of its several use cases, from wool pillows to wool mattress toppers.

There are around 34 million sheep in the British Isles, making Britain one of the world's greatest producers of wool.

Currently, half of the 2 million tonnes (2.2 million short tonnes) of annual wool production is used in clothing.

Natural wool outperforms alternative materials in almost every category because it is healthier for us and the environment.

It’s more eco-friendly than down and feather, better at temperature regulation than synthetics, easy to care than silk bedding.

It also leaves a significantly less carbon footprint.

In fact, wool can help you get 25% more of the deep, restorative sleep that is so important for general health.

The production of duvets, mattresses, toppers, and other items by various businesses has made it simpler for people to include organic materials into their lifestyle.

As people are worried about the quantity of synthetic, non-recyclable materials used in modern mattresses.

There is a huge opportunity for them to use natural wool items to pioneer healthy and sustainable sleep.


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