7 Lesser Known Pillow Stuffings You Must Try

Try these seven lesser-known pillow stuffings to transform your sleeping experience.

Buckwheat Hulls is one of the finest filling options you should try. It quickly adjusts to your body and lets you breathe freely while sleeping. 

Buckwheat Hulls 

The plushy kapok pillows can amaze you, as kapok fiber is lightweight and porous, making them ideal for people who overheat at night.


The tiny, round grain of millet has natural cooling properties. People with allergies and respiratory problems can opt for this as it keeps away dust and mites.


PLA (Polylactic acid) is a natural filling material with excellent moisture-wicking properties. People who sleep hot should try this. 

PLA Stuffing

This pillow stuffing offers excellent comfort and breathability. It is great for those with neck and back pain.


Latex filling is gentle, supportive, and an eco-friendly option for padding your pillows. It is a great substitute for memory foam.

Natural latex

You heard it right! even recycled plastics are stuffed in pillows. Pillows filled with recycled plastics are soft and comfy. It is both cost-effective and fine for the environment.

Recycled plastic


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