This Robotic Pillow Helps With Breathing

Image Credit: Yukai Engineering

With innovation and technology, the world is transforming and also our pillows.

Yukai Engineering, a Japanese robotics firm has come up with an amazing breathing pillow called fufuly.

It synchronizes with your breath using an innovative technique called "respiratory entrainment."

The pillow was developed on the basis of research conducted at the University of Tokyo.

As we know breathing has a lot to do with humans' mental well-being and stress.  

The pillow uses this mechanism of taking air in and out for alleviating stress and putting our body at ease. 

Fufuly comes with 3 modes: regular, deep, and relaxation.

One just has to hug the pillow after turning it ON for getting the benefits.

Image Credit: National Review

The firm has also earlier developed a robotic cat pillow called Qoobo, a little buddy to deliver comfort.

The fufuly would be launched by crowdfunding and aim to attract attention.


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