See This Newly Launched Neck Pillow from Cabeau

Image Credit: Cabeau

Are you tired of uncomfortable neck pillows when traveling? 

Cabeau has come up with a solution for you, with their latest launch.

Image Credit: Cabeau

After a lot of testing and effort, Cabeau has developed TNE S3 neck pillow with a thinner profile in the back — to support the head from drooping forward.

The pillow has used quality, recyclable Grey DNA TM material. It is soft, machine-washable, and moisture-wicking.

The TNE S3's open-front design allows heat to dissipate from the neck, resulting in maximum comfort.

Image Credit: Amazon

The pillow offers exceptional head, neck, and chin support to prevent head droop, drooling, and snoring.

Image Credit: CNN

David Sternlight, founder and CEO of Cabeau said, "Every detail was considered when designing the new TNE S3, and we can't wait for people to experience the future of comfort."

The pillow is offered in a variety of colors allowing people to select the color of their taste.


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