6 Surprising Uses of Clothes Dryers

Image Credit: Unsplash

Although most people are aware that a clothes dryer is excellent for drying wet clothes, did you know it also has other surprising uses? 

Here are six things you might not have known you could do with a clothes dryer.

Eliminate Wrinkles

Use your dryer's permanent press option if you don't have time to iron your garments. This option reduces creases in your clothing by using medium heat and a cool-down period.

Refluff a Down Comforter 

You can fluff your deflated down comforter using a dryer. If your dryer is smaller, you can visit a laundromat near you to use the industrial-size drier for the purpose. 

Clean Up Your Clothing

Use your dryer's sanitize cycle to eliminate any leftover germs on bedding or clothing. As per GE Appliances, the sanitizing cycle eliminates 99.8% of certain bacteria.

Get rid of pet allergens

You can use your dryer to get rid of pet allergens from your clothes and bedding. The heat of the dryer will kill any allergens that may be present.

Get rid of bedbugs

If you've found bedbugs in your clothing or bedding you can easily kill them using your dryer at maximum heat setting.

Dry your footwear

If your shoes are wet, you can use your dryer to dry them. Use a drying rack or suspend the shoes inside by closing the door on their shoelaces. Use low heat to avoid damaging your shoes.


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