The Most Sleep-Deprived Cities in America

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According to Mindbody Wellness Index, these 5 cities are the most sleep-deprived cities in the USA.

Oklahoma City, OK 

Oklahoma City has the highest rate of sleep deprivation in the country. Only 38% of residents say they are getting 7-8 hours of sleep every day.

Columbus, OH

The capital of Ohio, Columbus has a high rate of sleep deprivation. Around 40% of people are not getting proper sleep. Interestingly the city has a large population engaged in fitness & strength training.

Long Beach, CA 

Long Beach has a significant population of shift workers and individuals with irregular work schedules. Just around 41% population of Long Beach gets proper sleep each night.

El Paso, TX  

More than 50% of El Paso's residents say they sleep less than 7-8 hours. Despite this fact, El Paso is one of the happier cities in America. 

Indianapolis, IN 

Indianapolis has only 42% population that gets a full night's sleep but even then a large population of Indiana says they are spiritually satisfied.

Credit: Instagram

Credit: Instagram

These cities are lacking in sleep, but they are still blooming in other aspects of wellness.


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