This Is Why Doctor Warns For Infant's Head Shaping Pillow

For parents their child's safety comes first, they are ready to do anything for eliminating any health risks their children may face.

Unfortunately, some products on the market appear healthy and beneficial at a glance but actually, they are not that's why doctors are warning against using baby head-shaping pillows.

As per the FDA, head-shaping pillows are unapproved medical devices that can cause harm to the newborn.

Instead of preventing your child from the flat head syndrome, these pillows create hindrances in the development of a child's brain. 

The external pressure caused by the cavity of the head-shaping pillow can cause distortion in a child's malleable skull.

Using these pillows restricts the motor skill development in a child and can cause issues with natural head, neck, and jaw movements.

It also increases the risk of suffocation & sudden unexpected infant death (SUID).

In case of any oddities in head shape, parents should visit a healthcare specialist. 

Simply using normal pillows and repositioning the baby can let them properly develop without the need for any external accessory.


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