What Happened to Royal Velvet Pillows? [Know Here]

The luxurious fabric of Royal Velvet pillows has been a home decor staple for decades, providing households with a timeless, sophisticated look that never goes out of style. 

The premium home furnishing brand Royal Velvet, owned by Iconix Brand Group Inc. has over 60 years of experience in the industry, it served customers with an array of classic and stylish home decor items. 

Over the years, its beloved pillows and towels have sustained their popularity but, its inventory has gone out of stock these days on popular online stores like Bed bath and beyond, Amazon and JCPenny, etc.

This begs the question: What happened to Royal Velvet pillows? 

A girl sleeping on Royal Velvet Pillow

Royal Velvet Pillows, Towels, and curtains have become very hard to find in online stores as their trademark owner Iconix Brand Group has signed an exclusive deal with Britannica in October 2021 as their new US & Canadian licensee in the utility bedding category. 

In this multi-year deal, they intended to carry out a multi-tiered distribution strategy.

VCNY is the sole recipient of the Royal Velvet license in the accents and area rugs segment for the US.

To expand the brand in the window-treatment category, Royal Velvet also has an exclusive multi-year contract for the US with Universal Home for curtains, shades, valances, hardware, and blinds.

Unfortunately, due to these exclusive deals, the products of Royal Velvet may now only be available with their authorized resellers or in the selected outlets. 

Also, it’s unlikely that the product would be exactly similar. Here, one doesn’t need to become upset as you can go for other premium brands that stand parallel to it.

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Top Alternatives of Royal Velvet 

1. Fieldcrest 

fielcrest brand
Fieldcrest brand

Fieldcrest is the number one alternative to Royal Velvet when it comes to luxury towels and pillows. It has established itself as a leader in providing high-quality home goods for customers around the world. 

Their products are designed with comfort and durability at their core, so you can be sure that your Fieldcrest purchase will last for years to come. 

Unlike Royal Velvet, which is known for its expensive price tag and limited availability of designs, Fieldcrest offers more affordable options without sacrificing quality or style. 

2. Brooklinen

brooklinen brand
Brooklinen brand

For those looking for a luxurious sleep experience, Brooklinen is the perfect alternative to Royal Velvet. With an expansive selection of pillows, comforters, sheets, and towels that offer superior quality comfort and durability at an affordable price, Brooklinen has become a go-to choice for luxury bedding products. 

Brooklinen’s commitment to providing customers with high-end bedding items goes beyond simply providing superior threads and materials; their focus on design ensures that their products not only look great but also maintain their shape over time. 

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Does royal velvet still make pillows?

As per the information mentioned on the official website of Royal Velvet, it is still doing business and serving customers. In October 2021, Iconix gave licenses to different brands like Britannica, VCNY, and Universal Home in various Home fashion categories.

What happened to royal velvet towels?

Royal Velvet towels are currently not available in the online store as Iconix, the trademark owner of Royal Velvet has given the exclusive license to Britannica in the US for the Utility bedding category. Due to this exclusive deal, Royal Velvet towels would now be available in authorized stores and it is also unlikely to remain the same.

Is JCPenney discontinuing Royal Velvet sheets?

No, according to a post published in NYTimes, the original Royal Velvet sheets have been rebranded three times. The formerly branded Royal Velvet was changed to “JCP Home,” and currently it is “Wrinkle Guard.”

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